Drug testing is often used by companies who employ people in safety sensitive positions. There is also an increased demand from individuals involved in organized sport, legal proceedings, custody disputes as well as concerned parents for individual testing.

Urine drug testing is by far the most common test utilized in Canada for companies and individuals performing their due diligence. Common types of drug tests are:

POCT (Point Of Collection Test)

Often referred to as an “instant” or “express”, this urine drug screening provides results while you wait, often used for pre-access testing and post-accident or reasonable cause testing. Depending on the Company Policy and the Employer’s reason for the test (post-accident & reasonable cause) the employer may choose to also send these specimens to a lab for confirmation. A drug screening result may only be reported a “non-negative” stating the detection of a drug. (ie: “non-negative for opiates”) A positive result can only be given once a urine specimen has been analyzed by a qualified Laboratory.

Laboratory Based urine drug test 

This is a “true” drug test. A sample is collected by a trained collector and sent to an approved laboratory for analysis. Urine drug tests can be done with various “panels” which state the number of drugs to be tested for.

Hair Follicle drug testing

Hair testing measures the drug molecules embedded in the hair shaft, eliminating external contaminants as a source of a false-positive test result. Hair test results cannot be altered with shampoos, bleaches or other external chemicals.

Reminder: A picture I.D. must be presented before conducting any drug test.